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Animatrix soundtrack


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ne e twa, eto ti pesnite koito sa ot soundtrack-a na animatrix-a samo 4e samo list-a mijah da im namerq:


1. Peace Orchestra "Who Am I" (Animatrix edit) [5:58]

2. Adam Freeland "Big Wednesday" [4:50]

3. Layo & Bushwacka "Blind Tiger" [6:19]

4. Supreme Beings of Leisure "Under the Gun" [3:28]

5. Meat Beat Manifesto "Martenot Waves" [7:41]

6. Photek "Ren2" [4:06]

7. Death in Vegas "Hands Around My Throat" [5:05]

8. Junkie XL "Beauty Never Fades" (Animatrix edit) [6:13]

9. Overseer "Supermoves" (Animatrix remix) [4:18]

10. Juno Reactor "Conga Fury" (Animatrix mix) [7:24]

11. Junkie XL "Red Pill, Blue Pill" [8:58]

12. Tech Itch "The Real" [8:02]


Eto i sait:


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