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Няма я ключовата дума 1К5 ;)




Kliuchovata duma e na web saita: Payment will be negotiated, based on experience.


Ako me ubedish che mozesh da pechelish tezi 1K5 [bez znachenie valuta] + procentualnata chast na fiksnite rashodi na firma + niakakva pechalba [XX%?] - vsichko e vaznozhno ;)

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kato izkljuchim novata java da se seshtash za neshto po-svjastno. samo ne pochvaj s php che dnes veche bjah do toaletnata.


Имаш ли нещо общо с fins или просто реши, че трябва да се намесиш?! Не виждам някой да пита теб за каквото и да било... Погледни отново правилата в частта им относно секцията Buy/Sell... Нейното предназначение определено не е лаф-моабет да става.

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I have the following questions


1. Is a university degree required?

No. We need people with experience not with pieces of paper.

2. What will be the mimimum promised salary?

No minimum - no maximum. I don't talk money - you do. Initiative comes from your part. You ask - I estimate, based on your credentials, if you can deliver as much as you ask for. If not - I suggest a number. This doesn't represent a danger for the candidate. I will not give up on a good candidate because he's too expensive. It is in my best interest to get the best people - not the cheapest ones :)

3. Can you provide information about the working hours requirements?

4. Are working hours negotiable?

To quote from the contract "any 8 hours between 08:00 and 23:59 but you have to be contactable between 10:00 and 19:00" :)

5. What is the minimun required period for a labour contract?

Must admit this question confused me. We have no such requirements right now - but if you plan to come for a couple of months - better don't :) Even the best resources we got started real development after at least 6 months of accomodation.

6. What are the short term and the long term opportunities for promotions?

Short term: A guy who started two years ago as a student is now the project manager on a project that has the third largest credit card operator in the world as a client.

Long term: I started six years ago as a developer :D

7. Why C# / .NET for web-developement? Are you joking?

I'm dead serious. Because Java on the client side is dead [thank you Sun Microsystems]. And because if you need any inteligence on the client side you don't really have a choice. And because big guys like to play with the big guys and Microsoft is the biggest guy of them all ;)


Hope this helps...

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Fins, thanks for the information. You provided very comprehensive data on the

topics I have listed. Unfortunately I don't like .NET idea from skin to the bones.

And I try to stay away from M$ style programming. I would recommend you to

post your ad in the


forum if you haven't done it so far. I think you could find some .NET oriented

people who may satisfy the requirements. I wish you all the best in finding the

perfect people for the job.


Thanks, Karaman. Seems that somebody already posted a reference there [thanks, Memorex :) ].


Karaman: We're not a M$ only shop - quite the opposite. Most of our projects are JSP / XML. Unfortunatelly - the latest one doesn't really leave us too much choice. Speaking as a programmer to programmer - how would you implement an Excel-style grid with multiple data and a graph based on that data, used as a "what-if" tool? Send the data back to the server everytime the user changes a number and regenerating the image server-side and refreshing it into the client? That's the only alternative way to solve it that I can see and you'll admit that using it over Internet with 2000 active users will kill the link, the server performance and the clients' patience :)


Trust me, I have enough reasons to hate M$ - used to work for Netscape in 1996. Don't have to explain what happened to it and thanks to whom.


But emotions are emotions and work is work - I can hate M$ privately but can't afford to ignore it professionally.


So: [and this is for everybody, otherwise I would have sent it as a PM]: sorry if it looks like the ad is for M$ only development - it's not. C++/ Java people are welcome. We have enough work for M$ haters too.


And, BTW, C# is actually pretty cool as language :D

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fins пак заповядай ;) Просто съм твърдо зад развиването на ИТ технологиите в БГ,а в БГДев има много кадърни момчта та реших да им спомена за възможността.Успех,надявам се да намериш подходящия ;)

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интересно.. но защо никой не спомена нищо за PHP !?

Че този език откакто е създаден е server-side scripting :)

И.. щеше да е много по-добре, да беше споменато по на-широко за каква работа става въпрос..

примерно, аз си мисля че мога да пиша на C,C++ и VB6, само че не мога да build-вам нищо което иска socket operations :) т.е програмиране свързано със мрежови връзки го забравям =)

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