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начи да ви кажа че днес вечерта почва "стрес теста" тва е пробен тест на сървара на wf и ако сичко мине ОК утре сутрин ще има сървар => ще кача лоадера и ИП-то веднага щом излезе .... за повече инфо : WF info :blink: :unsure: или в "irc.elite-irc.net - #warforge ; #war3x"



последните думи на един от пичовете дето бачка по сървара са :

<@Pasn> Ok.. basicly.. here it is.. v301 had some more surprises lets say.. So in order to support that fully and without problems we will be working all night on it tonight

<@Pasn> We will finally give you an ETA tho

<@DrVeRT> *drumroll plz*

* cojaan rolls drum

* Shorty joins the *drumroll*

* mike938 joins in

<@memnoch> DrVeRT stole my line

<@Pasn> We are planning for an intital stress test tomarrow afternoon EST.. (dont ask me if afternoon is 12-2 or 2-4 eitehr.. its afternoon) .. If stress test goes well we will then release server for good and let it roll =)

<@Pasn> theirs a reason why we -v'd u coj

<@Pasn> shoulda -h'd u all 2..

<@Pasn> =p

<@Pasn> so again.. Nothing is going to be released tonight but instead we will give u an eta of tomarrow afternoon est for a definite stress test on version 301.. Cya then!



<@Pasn> basicly, we'll prolly create a new channel with limit 200 and first 200 to join get to come on =p anyways. cya again tomarrow.. DO NO PM OPS or u your IP will be banned from server before this beta is even released.. (i dont like 200 pms waiting for me)

<@Pasn> To clearify.. I mean we will run the server for good afterwards stress test.. (central server)..

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Eto i kak da igraete battle net bez da imate originalen Cdkey za war3x B)


You MUST be patched to WC3 expansion version 301.



1. Download this file and extract its contents to your WC3 directory. Click yes to overwrite files.


2. Use war3gate.exe (now located in your WC3 dir) to add the following entry:

Name: Warforge

Host: warforge.kicks-ass.org

TimeZone: 1


3. Change your WC3x shortcut by adding "-wf" (without the quotes) after the Frozen Throne executable. Double click, select Warforge as the gateway, enjoy! [You may also add "-window" (without the quotes) to play in a window.]


B) :P B)

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Abe ne stava be!Kato pusna igrata i mi dava loader error i mi kazva da byda siguren 4e puskam igrata s tozi



P.S. Hi4, ama hi4 ne razbrah 3 to4ka :)

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Toq loader e fake. Ot gore na tova razbrah, che e troqnec.


Warforge oshte ne sa pusnali survera. V mometa se pravi stress test. Ochakva se do nqkolko chasa da go pusnat, ama ne se znae...

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Pichovete ot warforge otrichat da e tehen toq lader i ip-to, ama pochvam da se sumnqvam. Moje da burkam. Samo kazvam kakvo pishat v oficiqlniq kanal na warforje. Ednite kazvat, che ne raboti, drugite kazvat, che raboti i az zapochvam veche da se oburkvam i nakraq shte go probvam.

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razbrah ot kude moje da ti idva problema veseo .... loader-a e napraven samo za Win2k/Winxp

za sega ne e napraven takav koito da raboti na 98 taka4e sajulqvam vsi4ki fenove na war3 deto sa na 98 i nqmat vuzmojnost da slojat xp ..... :unsure:

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