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MOTOROLA SURFboard 4100 pod linux

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:huh: dano ima6 polza...




Since so many have discussed how to connect a Motorola SB4100 modem under Linux through a USB port, I am happy to anounce that I have done it. I am using SuSE 8.0 professional distro (with the upgrade) and its 2.4.18 kernel. Here is how I have done it:


(1) Make sure that your kernel supports USB over Ethernet for this modem. To do that, configure your kernel (with an interface such as 'make xconfig', after changing to /usr/src/linux ) to allow experimental drivers; under the 'USB support' menu make sure that you activate 'USB Communication Class Ethernet device support (EXPERIMENTAL)'. The help for this selection explains that this driver is specifically designed for the SB4100 and other cable modems. (Therefore, whoever claims there are no drivers for this modem is DEAD WRONG!!!!) I compiled this as a module. (This code basically encapsulates the packets over the USB inteface to look like Ethernet.)


(2) Make sure that some form of pppd is running (in my distro it is smpppd). This daemon is used for serial connections, like dialup and USB modems.


(3) Make sure that USB and hotplugging are running.


(4) Make sure that the dhcpcd daemon has been installed in your system. This daemon is needed no matter if you are using the ethernet or the USB connection of your modem; it is responsible for negotiating the dynamic IP address allocation with your cable operator's server.


(5) When I connect the SB4100 to my USB port, hotplugging assigns it eth1 (see about the encapsulation above).


(6) Follow the normal procedures for bringing up the eth1 interface afterwards: 'ifconfig eth1 up' to bring up eth1 (I have not experimented with MAC address masquerading yet) and 'dhcpcd eth1' (by default, dhcpcd will modify your /etc/resolv.conf file and the routing tables of the kernel, unless you have configured it otherwise). You should be ready to go!


To everybody who says that the SB4100 cannot be connected to USB under Linux, I have to say, "You are wrong; if you are reading this, this is proof you wrong because I have my SB4100 connected to my laptop which is running Linux as I am typing this!"


Good luck. One less reason to use Windows!





Porovi tuka - moje da ti pomognat...

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Devilman, vzemi si turi edna mrezova karta i neshtata se reshavat dosta po-lesno ako varzesh modema na mrezovata karta. Edna LAN karta ot obiknovennute struva ima-nema $7-8 (okolo 15Lv). Ne sa koi znae kolko mnogo pari i ste si varzesh modema pod kakvato si iskash OS. Taka niama da se mucish kato greshen diavol.

Ne sam li prav?

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Ne sam ubeden kak stava tochno dalaverata. Ne sam tolkova naiasno sas Linux, vis za Windows e druga rabota. Pri Windows-a prosto si podkarvash kartata s nuznia driver i si gotov.

Za Linux neznam, no predpolagam che nadali ima koi-znae kakva razlika. Opitai.

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А пък като толкова искаш да се пробваш на нещо различно от Windows вземи си инсталирай един истински unix - някакво bsd или qnx. Хем ако си сложиш netbsd няма да разбереш че имаш проблеми с модема, хем ще се научиш на нещо дето не е windows.

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