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prodavam cpu,bluthuth handsfree,pci raid controler

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1.Bluetooth Headset -nova/china/-http://www.asianproducts.com/images/pbimage/5/P12575006530249944b.jpg

zena 20lv

1.cpu barton 2500@1830Mhz s dobar ohladitel

zena 30lv,bez ohladitel 25 lv

2.cpu Tualatin-1100Mhz@1480 samo s smiana na fsb shinata/ot 100 na 133Mhz/ s dobar ohladitel

zena 15 lv,bez ohladitel 10lv

3.PCI Raid ata controler na silikonimage

zena 15lv



neptun-na pm vaprosite

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