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Switch, Qubs 5*10/100TX, alim. Extern 21.61 лв

Switch, Qubs 8*10/100TX, alim. Extern 27.53 лв

Switch, Surecom , 8Ports-10/100 , EP 808SX 19.76/16.98$

Switch, 5Ports-10/100 X-net SH-9005A 20.74/20.74$

Switch, 8Ports-10/100 X-net SH-9008P 22.02/22.02$

Switch, X-net16Ports-10/100 , SH-9016R Rack Size 64.90/64.90$

Switch, X-net, 24Ports-10/100 - SH-9024C 100.30/100.30$

Switch, X-net, Gigabit ,8Ports-10/100/1000 - SG-9800E 135.42/129.87$

Switch, X-net, Gigabit ,5Ports-10/100/1000 - SG-9500E 99.90/95.46$

Switch, C-NET, 8Ports-10/100 - CNSH-800 27.82$


Tezi, koito sam udebelil, mislia che ste ti svarshat rabota, no ne samo te razbira se. Varianti bol, haresai si niakoi i si gotov. :)

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