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Продавам SDIO бeзжична WIFI карта за джобен компютър....

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Картата е предназначена за джобни компютри без вграден wifi. Но е задължително да имат SDIO слот. Купувал съм я преди година и половина, гаранцията и изтече, но така и не е ползвана.

SDIO Wireless LAN Card SDW-820 Spectec 802.11b

Комплекта включва карта, опаковка и драйвери.










Цена: 70 лв.

възможен е лек коментар


Малко инфо за картата:

Spectec SDIO WiFi Card 802.11b (SDW-820) is a very small SDIO wireless LAN (WLAN) card (L 38.3mm×W 24mm×2.1mm thickness).

Spectec SDIO WiFi Card 802.11b (SDW-820) is less than half the size of today standard SD wireless cards, while outperforming its competitors in stability, speed, range, reception strength and more.

Are you sick of how far your SD WiFi card sticks out of your PDA? Not only does it look tacky, it makes it pretty easy to accidentally break.

Spectec SDIO WiFi Card 802.11b (SDW-820) securely connects you to the Internet!

Spectec SDIO WiFi Card 802.11b (SDW-820) can be plugged into many types of mobile devices, such as PDAs running WM2003/WM2003SE/WM5.0 that have SDIO slots.

Equipped with an ultra-low power saving feature, it boasts unparalleled energy efficiency in stand-by mode.

Spectec SDIO WiFi Card 802.11b (SDW-820) is currently compatible with Pocket PC2003/ WM2003 / WM2003SE / WM5 PPC and Smartphone. (Not compatible with handheld running all versions of Palm OS and Pocket PC 2002 upgraded to WM2003 due to the lack of SDIO support)


OS Support: PPC 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Pocket PC & Smartphone, Mobile 5.0 for PPC & Smartphone, WinCE 4.X

Transfer data rates:: 11Mbps, 5.5Mbps, 2Mbps, 1Mbps

Interface : Support SDIO 1.0

Security : High performance engine for WEP, WPA, TKIP and AES support

Frequency : Fully integrated, 2.4 GHz band direct conversion transceiver

Radio Type : IEEE 802.11b support DSSS system

Operating Channels : 1~14 channels

Low Voltage :

Power consumption: Operating Voltage: 3.0 V - 3.5 V

Receive mode: 60 mA

Transmit mode: 116 mA for 15 dBm Pout

Avg. Operation: 188 mA


STA (Ad-hoc and infrastructure) and AP mode


Weight : Approx. 3.5g

Important note: This product is not compatible with the following devices:

Sagem MYS-7


Toshiba e350

I Do S600

Motorola MPX220

HP 2190

Acer n10

Yakumo Alpha-x

Qtek8080 smartphone

Toshiba e400



Dopod 818 pro wm5.0, O2 mini wm5.0 (MDA compact II)

Medion 96710





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