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about Windows 64bit


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Moze bi dalza edno izvinenie che ne napisah izricho obiasnenie za tozi win XP 64 kato go kacih.

Za da trugne kak to kazva Dreamer triabva da imate "malko po-drug procesor" ot razpostranenite do momenta.


Абсолютно никакво извинение не дължиш на никой особено на тези, които ги мързи да четат .nfo-тата... прекрасно си е написано:

Windows XP 64-Bit Edition will run on the Intel Itanium processor  ¦

  ¦  as the platform for workstation users who are reaching the memory   ¦

  ¦  limits of 32-bit systems. The key difference between 32-bit and     ¦

  ¦  64-bit Windows XP-based computing lies in the 64-bit versions       ¦

  ¦  ability to use much more system memory. Windows XP 64-Bit Edition   ¦

  ¦  will initially support up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and up to eight    ¦

  ¦  terabytes of virtual memory. Physical memory support will grow in   ¦

  ¦  the future as hardware capabilities expand. Data in memory is       ¦

  ¦  accessed thousands of times faster than it is on a disk drive,      ¦

  ¦  offering a tremendous performance benefit for applications that are ¦

  ¦  developed to use this greater system memory. In addition,           ¦

  ¦  Windows XP 64-Bit Edition has been designed to take advantage of    ¦

  ¦  the superior floating point capabilities of the Itanium processor.

Да не говорим за изисквания за install:

Read these MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:                                    ¦

  ¦  ================================                                    ¦

  ¦   At least Itanium 733 Mhz processor                                ¦

  ¦   At least 1 Gb of RAM                                              ¦

  ¦   64-bit motherboard & chipset                                      ¦

  ¦   1 Plank    

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