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ghost ship soundtrack


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hey hora ade plz ako imate ideq kade go ima soundtracka na Ghost Ship da mi kajete ili ako znaete imeto na taq pesen deto e savsem nakraq! :tongue

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Track Listings

1. Discovery

2. Falling Apart

3. Arctic Warrior

4. Deal

5. Antonia Graza

6. Welcome Aboard

7. How's It Going Up There?

8. Falling Through

9. Touring the Ship

10. Marie Celeste

11. I Saw a Little Girl

12. No Unexpected Guests

13. Bullet Holes

14. Cabina Di Capitano

15. Katie Appears

16. Meeting the Captain

17. Bodies

18. Francesca Appears

19. Freezer

20. Finding Cold

21. Work to Do

22. Santos Dies

23. My Little Box

24. Go to Hell

25. Bon Appetite

26. Katie's Dolls

27. Ballroom Reverts

28. Francesca's Theme

29. Epps Meets Katie

30. Survivor

31. Katie Disappears

32. Fight

33. Repairs

34. Underwater

35. Greer's Body

36. Murphey's Body

37. I Guess It's Over

38. Graza Explodes

39. Souls Ascend


Ето ти целия playlist. Сега само ти остава да си пуснеш КаЦаТа и почваш да дърпаш.


П.С. после да не забравиш да качиш саундтрака на уареза.

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